• Massage - Relieves stress

    Let's start with the most universal effect, say so. Many people look for massages as a relaxing and anti-stress effect. But how does it work exactly? It depends on the techniques: some promote relaxation by pressing specific points on the body, or focusing on one.

    Reflexology, for example, treats the relaxing aspect of massage very precisely, working the patient's feet, and stimulating the organs in general. In any case, by releasing tension at various points in the muscles and ligaments, the brain produces a good dose of serotonin, which relieves stress.

    In fact, the real benefits of massage, whatever they may be, are only really exploited when there is stress relief. Then come the preferences as to the type and necessity of the procedure. Someone who needs pain relief will be more successful with Ayurvedic massages than aesthetics, just to name an example. And if you just want to relax, there is always massage therapy.

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